Super Pro Standard Kit

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All Standard Kits are offered with a Woodburning Unit, 5 Different Tip StylesCleaning Cloth & Honing Paper and Tip Storage Box.

The Super Pro is Colwood's most versatile unit and features a wider heat range and is more powerful than the Detailer and Cub models. The Super Pro has two handpiece cords, 14 awg and 16 awg. Only one cord will get hot at a time; there is a front panel switch to choose which cord is operational.

Comparable in wattage to the Detail Master Excalibre.

Woodburning Kits Include : 

1 - Super Pro  

1 - Tip Style : "B" Large Point
1 - Tip Style : "C" Writing
1 - Tip Style : "D" Small Round
1 - Tip Style : "J" Tight Round
1 - Tip Style : "S" Shading

2 - RT Handle [Included only with Replaceable Tip Selection]
1 - EZ Tip Puller 
[Included only with Replaceable Tip Selection] 

1 - Tip Storage Box
1 - Cleaning Cloth 

1 - Honing Paper