Olympiad Hot Knife Ball Tip Style

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Hot Knife Ball Tip Style

The Ball Tip Style is great for cursive writing, lines, burning on tagua nuts and other miniatures and a multitude of other uses. It glides over the wood to make writing with this tool a snap. Extra caution needs to be taken when using these tips, they stay hotter longer after they are unplugged. The larger sizes can stay hot for up to 5 minutes so please be extra cautious when using them. All ball tips require a longer warm-up time and cool-down time than our other tips.

Hot Knife Tip can ONLY be used with the Hot Knife and the Hot Knife can ONLY be used with the Olympiad Wood Burner.

This tip can only be used in the newer Hot Knives where the tips are affixed with set screws. The earlier Hot Knife tips are soldered into the handles and cannot be replaced.