The Cub: Portable Pyrography Tool

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Don't want to carry along a bulky wood burning tool when you travel?

The Cub wood burning tool is what you need when you are on-the-go! The Cub pyrography control unit is the smallest and most economical of Colwood's wood burning line. It packs the same power as Colwood's most popular wood burning unit, the Detailer.

The Handpiece Cord is hard-wired directly inside the control box and the On/Off Switch is incorporated into the temperature control dial.

Warranty: Control Box Only (2 Years); Handpiece Cord (1 Year)
Footprint: 2.5" x 5.5" x 2.25"
Weight: 2.4lbs


The smallest and most economical of Colwood's line.
Compact and handy for travel.
Pilot light
On/off switch incorporated into the dial
Cable clamp which allows carver to suspend the unit over the work area
One ultra-flex handpiece cord (16 gauge)
Tips and handpieces sold separately