FT - Ball Tip #2

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Fixed Tip-Ball Tip #2

Size: .0625 in. dia; approx. 1.6mm

The smaller ball stylus' are great for cursive writing, lines, burning on tagua nuts and other miniatures and a multitude of other uses. It glides over the wood to make writing with this tool a snap. Because of it's small size, it is welded to the tip rather than having a wire through it. Extra caution needs to be taken when using these tips, they stay hotter longer after they are unplugged. The larger sizes can stay hot for up to 5 minutes so please be extra cautious when using them. All ball tips require a longer warm-up time and cool-down time than our other tips.

Polishing is included on ALL Ball tips

This Tip Style is available Bent on an Angle by using the drop down menus above.

Tips Bent on an Angle can be used for a variety of shading purposes without putting your hand in an awkward position.