Contemporary Signature Brand

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Delivery Time : 3-4 weeks
Finished Size : 2" by 1.1875
120 VAC / 120 Watts

Your custom iron will be made with your name in Garamond Bold font.

Personalize, protect, and add value to your handcrafted work with a "handcrafted by" branding iron from Colwood. These handsome brands, together with your name or initials, will make any gift, made in your shop, special for generations to come.

A personalized "handcrafted by" branding iron makes a wonderful personalized gift for the craftsperson in your life. Whether they work in wood, leather, plastics, wax, or soap a brand makes a unique gift.

Electrically Heated - You will receive our Model SP-120 Electric Heating Element for your custom craft branding iron. They are dependable, convenient & allow interchangeability of branding heads.

Flame Heated - If you choose the flame-heated style, you pay only for the branding iron. You can heat your craft brand over a gas, propane, or camp stove.

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