Woodburning Ultra Flex Handpiece Cord

Ultra Flex Handpiece Cord

All Colwood handpiece cords come standard with two spade lugs on one end and a female connector on the other, where the handpiece plugs in. The lugs connect the handpiece cord to a terminal block on the back of the Renaissance, Galaxy, Detailer, and Super Pro units. The Cub's handpiece cord is hard-wired inside the unit and therefore does not have lugs. These connections are superior because there is less power loss than when using two RCA-type connectors to heat the handpiece and tip. The fewer connections, the less power loss!

Ultra Flex Cord (18 Gauge) (SKU 0750)
The Ultra Flex cord comes standard on all our units. It is made of 18 gauge wire which is the thinnest and most flexible of all the cords we manufacture. This is the recommended cord for feather detailing and for work on softer woods such as basswood and tupelo.

Heavy Duty Cord (16 Gauge) (SKU 0801)
The Heavy Duty cord is made from 16 gauge wire, which is a heavier gauge, and therefore will burn hotter. This may be a little too powerful for feather detailing, but is useful for feather insertion and other heavy duty burning.

High Power Cord (14 Gauge) (SKU 0802)
This cord produces the most heat to the tip. For the woodworker who needs more heat such as gourd designers, plaque and sign makers, and figurine carvers.

Detail Master Adapter Cord (18 Gauge) (SKU 0850)
The Detail Master Adapter cord is for those individuals who own a Detail Master and would like to be able to use Colwood tips and handpieces with it.