Woodburning Tips

Tip Usage

Colwood Handpieces

No limitations. Colwood offers both fixed and replaceable tips. It's your preference. Colwood's handpieces have features that are unique in the industry. While some competitors offer metallic handpieces, which become too hot to handle, Colwood's handpieces are manufactured from a molded phenolic material resulting in far superior insulating properties. And each handpiece is supplied with its own custom cork grip. This plastic/cork combination provides the artist with hours of comfortable burning. You can even mix and match the Fixed Tip style with Replaceable Tip style; either format is compatible with all our units and handpiece cords. Just keep in mind in order to use Replaceable Tips, you need to own a RT Handle.

Fixed Tip (FT) System

Pictured above is the Fixed Tip (FT) handpiece. The tip is permanently attached to the handle.

  • Colwood's original tip system
  • No wait for cool down - change handpieces quickly
  • Approximately 1/2 inch diameter
  • Cork grip

Replaceable Tip (RT) System

Pictured above is a Replaceable Tip with Replaceable Tip Handle (RT Handle - SKU 0500). You simply insert the Replaceable Tip bushing (left) into the Replaceable Tip Handle (right)  when changing tip styles. The large collar on the RT bushing allows you to hold the pen closer to the tip, for more control.

Colwood's Replaceable System is unlike any other on the market today. With other replaceable tip systems the actual tip wire has to be handled and replaced in its holder, usually brass pins, making the tip wire susceptible to corrosion and subject to intermittent operation. Colwood's replaceable tips are soldered with high temperature solder, in nickel-plated brass pins, and are permanently affixed in a molded bushing. When you want to change or replace a tip, simply replace the bushing/tip assembly - no contact with the tip wire is necessary.

  • Allows cost effective replacement of the tip only
  • One replaceable handle accepts all tip styles
  • Tip bushings made from new improved high temperature material
  • Easy fit into RT handle
  • Handle is approximately 1/2 inch diameter
  • Cork grip on replaceable handle
  • Replaceable Handle (part# 0500) is necessary for replaceable tips

Tip Styles

All tip styles available in both Fixed Tip and Replaceable Tip
Large Round
Small Point
Micro Tip
Large Point
Heavy Point
Micro "C"
Tight Round
Primary Short
Small Round
Small Point
Large "R"
Circle 3/16"
Long "E"
1-3/8" x 3/32"
Small "R"
Circle 3/32"
Long "M"
1-3/8" x 3/32"
Small Calligraphy
Large Calligraphy
Spoon Shader
Quill Tip
Tips with rounded heels help prevent gouging
"B" w/Rounded Heel
"G" w/Rounded Heel
"H" w/Rounded Heel
"K" w/ Rounded Heel
"M" w/Rounded Heel