Woodburning Stamp Art

Stamp Art

For a small fraction of what you've already spent on your stamp collection you can stay abreast of the newest technique in Stamp Art - "Heat Etching". You may have hundreds or thousands of stamps, and you can use a Heat Etcher with any one, or all of them; giving your projects a whole new look.

Crafters and Rubber Stampers get involved! Fine tune the traditional way of burning with a whole new flare -- we prefer to call it "heat etching". Why burn on wood when there is so much more to experiment with. We have found that tons of materials burn well such as most kinds of paper, papier-mache, shrink plastic, canvas, fabric, leather, suede, cork board, gourds eggshell, bone, ivory and the list goes on. This is a simple and fun technique for all ages. Using a basic stamp pad and any stamp you like, you just stamp and burn. You can on stamp on anything you want. Experiment! Just trace the outlines of the stamp with the woodburning pen. Achieve different looks by using different tips. The wonderful thing about stamps is there are thousands of them -- you probably have a few already. The designs are done for you. This technique gives those old stamps you got bored with a new fresh look. You can design all your usual stamp art with a whole new dimension. You can also create your own designs or trace something from a magazine or photograph. Create beautiful wall hangings, unique memory book pages, original stencils or even design a frame for your favorite portrait. Just let your imagination run wild because this technique is limitless and very addicting.