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The Galaxy is Colwood's most technically advanced woodburner. The Standard voltage out of wall sockets in the US is 120V; if you were to measure this voltage you would see that this voltage can vary throughout day. If you are woodburning and the voltage changes, so does the power to the tip. Why does this matter? If you primarily burn dark and heavy, it doesn't. If you want delicate, lightly burned lines that are consistent, the difference could be significant. The Galaxy has special circuitry that will adjust to these changes in your line voltage. 

Warranty: Control Box Only (4 Years)
Footprint: 6.25" x 4.9" x 3.25"
Weight: 3.8 lbs

Standard Features

Digital Display (nominal range 0-550)
55 distinct temperature settings
Circuitry that compensates for fluctuations in line voltage
3 pronged AC cord and built-in fuse
Precise, solid state temperature controller
One Heavy Duty (HD) handpiece cord (16 gauge)
Separate on/off switch
Terminal barrier for easy replacement of handpiece cords
Clip for mounting handpieces
4 year warranty (handpiece cord carries a 1 Year warranty)
Tips and handpieces sold separately