Floyd Scholz Comfort Band

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Repetition is the nemesis of the active pyrographer. This can become a serious, and painful problem unless proper precautions are taken.Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and muscle strain are common symptoms, which dedicated pyrographers must be aware of and frequently must cope with.

Sublety is one of the things which separates the good pyrographer from the great pyrographer. The subtle weight and pull of an electric cord, no matter how light and thin it is, can over time, create severe strain on a an artist's fingers, wrist and forearm. Fatigue and pain are often unwelcome by-products of countless hours spent wood burning.

With input from World Champion Carver, Floyd Scholz, Colwood has developed the Floyd Scholz Comfort Band to alleviate this dreaded problem. The FSCB fits easily around your forearm and gently holds the handpice cord in place and prevents the constant tugging and pulling on your fingers and wrist.

Maximum circumference: 11 inches.

At last there is relief!