Branding Irons

Colwood now offers the finest branding irons on the market. You can create your own a one-of-a-kind brand that will be a lasting tribute to your creativity and workmanship by simply submitting your black and white art work in a digital file of at least 300 DPI.

Our branding and marking tools make wonderful gifts for the hobbyist wood- or leather worker, for the barbecue aficionado, and for crafters working in wood, leather, plastic, soap, and wax, sand, and cement. These items even make great gifts for bosses, co-workers, and fellow club members. Our branding and marking tools make beautiful impressions or brands in various materials, and the brands themselves make beautiful and durable keepsakes.

"Handcrafted by" Series Branding Irons.

Other designs are available. If you don't find a style you like, please contact Colwood at 732-938-5556.

Heating your "Handcrafted by" branding iron:
These branding irons can be ordered as flame-heated or electrically-heated models.

Flame Heated
- If you choose the flame-heated style, you pay only for the branding iron. You can heat your brand over a gas, propane, or camp stove.

Electrically Heated
- For electric heating, you will need our Model SP-120 Electric Heating Element for the irons in this series. 


"Handcrafted by" design BN-114 with branded sample.
As you can see, the branding iron is as beautiful as the brand it creates!

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Personalize, protect, and add value to your handcrafted work with a "handcrafted by" branding iron from Colwood. These handsome brands, together with your name or initials, will make any gift made in your shop more special for generations to come.

A personalized "handcrafted by" branding iron also makes a wonderful gift for the craftsman or woman in your life, whether their work is created in wood, leather, plastics, wax, or soap.

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Designing Your Own Brand

Creating a Design and Submitting Your Artwork

The following guidelines are provided to help you when designing your brand and submitting your artwork to Colwood:

  • Artwork should be sharp, dense, black copy on a white background. Please do not submit color artwork.
  • Artwork should be full size. (Figure 1).
  • Avoid large solid areas next to thin spaces (Figure 2). Heat from surrounding black areas scorches out the fine white line.
  • Avoid lines or spaces thinner than .005" (Figure 2).
  • If you mail your artwork to us, protect the artwork by mailing it to us between cardboard protectors. Do not fold the artwork.


Mail your artwork to:

44 Main Street
Farmingdale, NJ 07727

Fax it: 732-938-9037.

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How to Enter Brand Online

When entering the text for your brand online simply type it into the box below the words "Enter the text of your brand below". If your brand is to be more than one line, separate the lines with a slash (/); DO NOT use the Enter key to type a new line. If you want your brand look like:

This is line one
This is line two
This is line three

It should be entered in the box this way:
This is line one/This is line two/This is line three

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